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Futura Econo 25
 $  5,880
Futura Econo 38
 $  6,890
Futura Econo 50
 $  7,780
Futura Econo 75
Futura Econo 100
Futura Econo 150
Futura Econo 200
This automatic feeding system boiler, Futura Econo, was designed for the combustion of granulated coal. The granulation of coal (anthracite, aka hard coal) should be no larger than 3/4". This size coal is sold in the market as "buckwheat" or "rice" coal. With a few small adjustments, this boiler is also capable of burning solid fuels such as wood and wood pellets.

The Futura line of boilers comes in a variety of sizes meeting almost any application's needs. The outputs range from 85,000 BTUs to 393,000 BTUs. Which gives it a range from a small home to almost 13,000 square feet!

Futura Econo Boiler
Automatic operation makes it possible to control
 by room thermostat

Possible association of heating and domestic hot
water preparation in an indirect tank or other devices

Automatic fuel feeding system (NORD gearbox)

Fast and easy service and maintenance

Economical operation with automatic mode

Low emission level ecological operation

High efficiency up to 86 % on coal

EKO Line
Attack DP
Biomass Combo
Cast Iron FD 42
Futura Econo
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Economically Sensible, Environmentally Friendly, Ecologically Responsible

Leading the way to responsible renewable and efficient heating comfort
Eco Heat Online
545 Morley Potsdam Road, Canton NY 13617
2009-2011 Eco Heat Sales
Simplistic NC Designs
Futura Econo 25
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