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The ESBE thermic valve is a boiler by-pass valve that prevents cool return water temperatures in a hydronic heating system. The purpose is to safeguard conventional non-condensing boilers against corrosion from condensation that would result if a minimum flue gas temperature is not maintained.

Danfoss Thermic Mixing Valve
Eco Heat Sales offers the 1-1/2" Model TV Valve 466A with a 140 degree F thermostat

Typical Applications:

8_danfoss_valve001029.jpg 8_danfoss_valve001027.jpg
EKO Line
Attack DP
Biomass Combo
Cast Iron FD 42
Futura Econo
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 Danfoss Mixing Valve 1 1/4"   $195.00
 Danfoss Mixing Valve 1 1/2"  $205.00