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The heat from the boiler and/or solar collector is transferred to the storage tank via heat exchanger coils. This same piping to the heat exchange coils are inter-connected to your central heating system. While the boiler is operating, the circulator pump is providing your heating system with hot water when it is needed, bypassing the coils and tank. When your heating system has its hot water needs satisfied, it diverts the hot water through the coils and continues to heat the water in the tank. When the boiler is not operating and your heating system calls for hot water, water is pumped through the coils in the storage tank, collecting the heat stored there, and providing that heated water to your heating system.

Utilizing heat exchange coils makes it feasible and economical to fill a remotely installed solid fuel boiler and lines with glycol antifreeze without having to fill the entire heating system.
The Benefits of Utilizing a Water Storage Tank
The advantage of an unpressurized tank is its flexibility. The tanks consist of relatively small components, allowing them to fit into almost any space without any major effort.

Adding and/or changing heat exchangers is a very simple process with unpressurized storage; the cover simply unscrews from the tank, allowing for easy access.

There is no risk of corrosion of the tank. Pressurized vessels can have corrosion failures due to, faulty welds and ferrous metals, which overtime will corrode. With a high quality polymer liner corrosion is not an issue.

Being modular, the tanks are completely rebuildable if there is ever a need to replace any component. Note: it is highly unlikely that you would need to replace anything if it is installed correctly. Should you need move, the tank can relocate with you.

The heat exchangers allow you to simply interface with any type of heating system. They do not throw any major bottlenecks in a system’s performance.
Pressurized vs Unpressurized Storage
unpressurized water storage tank
Inexpensive Compared to Other Systems - Very High Insulation Value - Completely Modular Construction - Everything is Durable and Serviceable

Insulated with 1” rock-wool - 490 Gallons 30” wide x 6’ tall x 7’ wide - Fits through most doors
490 Gallons Hot Water Storage Tank $3,050
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EKO Line
Attack DP
Biomass Combo
Cast Iron FD 42
Futura Econo
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Futura Multibio