Pellet burned boilers ORLAN PELLET (up to 30 kW) are burned up automatically.

Their purpose is water heating in central heating systems and pellet's burning (pellet's sizes: diameter 6-8 mm and length 10-50 mm). Right containerís sizes allow for boile's long working with no extra loading necessity. Pellet boilers are ecological devices operating of which is two times cheaper than operating with gas and oil boilers and three times cheaper than electric heating. They can easily cooperate with water heaters and in the same time they are the right ones for domestic water heating.

Boiler's automatic burning up is a great facility for the user it also secures both the boiler and central heating installation against their freezing.

The boiler is highly efficient (92%) thanks to its full automatization. The user's only role is its periodic controlling and container loading.

Orlan Pellet Boiler
Pellet Feeder
  1. Container of pellet
  2. Rev limiter of first feeding screw
  3. Rev limiter of second feeding screw
  4. First feeding screw
  5. Second feeding screw
  6. Blower fan
  7. Burner
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      Orlan Pellet 100,000 BTU $6,590
Boiler Dimensions
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      Orlan Pellet 100,000 BTU w/ignition $6,900
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