BioMass Gasification Boilers
The BioMass line uses negative draft technology which means that air is pulled, rather than pushed, through the gasification chamber. This design keeps any emissions (smoke) from exiting the chamber while refueling the boiler.

There are two different models of the BioMass to accomodate different installations. The output of BioMass 40 ranges from 50K to 140K BTUs. The power output of BioMass 60 ranges from 60K to 215K BTUs. Fuel options are seasoned wood, corn cobs with kernals, 50% of coal, saw dust, wood chips (50%), or any kind of pellets.
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2009-2011 Eco Heat Sales
Simplistic NC Designs
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Economically Sensible, Environmentally Friendly, Ecologically Responsible

Leading the way to responsible renewable and efficient heating comfort
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 BioMass 25
 BioMass 40
 BioMass 60
 BioMass 80
 BioMass 100
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Model 40
140,000 BTU
Heats up to 4500 sq Ft
Model 60
205,000 BTU
Heats up to 6500 sq ft
Model 80
275,000 BTU
Heats up to 8500 sq ft
Model 100
342,000 BTU
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Model 25
90,000 BTU
Heats up to 2500 sq Ft
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EKO Line
Attack DP
Biomass Combo
Cast Iron FD 42
Futura Econo
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Futura Multibio