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ECO HEAT SALES is proud to introduce The Geyser Heat Pump

The GEYSERŪ is suitable for most storage
tank water heaters from 40 gallons to 120
gallons. Heat is pulled from the surrounding
air and, utilizing the heat pump technology,
that energy is used to heat the water in your
tank. Even the small amount of electricity
used to operate the GEYSERŪ is converted
to heat. With an Energy Rating over 2.0, this
means that for every unit of electricity used,
the GEYSERŪ produces over two units of
heat for making hot water.

As an added bonus, the air surrounding the
GEYSERŪ is also being dehumidified. This
reduces household mold and mildew, possibly
allowing you to switch off your dehumidifier
and further increasing your savings.
The Geyser Heat Pump is eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency!
EKO Line
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Biomass Combo
Cast Iron FD 42
Futura Econo
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Futura Multibio
The GEYSERŪ is fast and easy for your
plumbing or HVAC professional to install. It
connects to your current storage tank, using
two water connections and a connection to
the thermostat. It is suitable for any regular
household electrical outlet. No special electri-
cal wiring is needed.

The GEYSERŪ is built to provide years of
reliable hot water heating for you and your
family. Durable powder coated steel cabinet
and high quality components manufactured
in the United States mean quality and relia-
bility. The unit comes with a 6-year limited
warranty. Maintenance is as simple as period-
ically cleaning the air filter provided on the unit.

How does the Geyser work?

Is the Geyser difficult to install or maintain?
Key Features and Benefits

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