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My Experience with an EKO 40

During the winter of 2007-8, I used the EKO 40 without a storage tank, to heat my 1876 farmhouse with 2,100+ square feet of living space, utilizing cast iron radiators Additionally, I heated my attached, insulated, garage and shop with 800 square feet of space with a ceiling hung, fan forced, hydronic heater. I have the EKO LINE boiler remotely located in the back corner of my shop and pipe the hot water about 110 feet to feed my boiler located in the cellar of my home. I kept all spaces heated to approximately 70 degrees consistently. I burned a variety of hard and soft wood in the boiler as well as feeding it floor sweeping from the woodshed (I got about a 3 hour burn out of a 5 gallon pail full). I have experienced a burn time without relighting for the next load of firewood, of 15 hours. The shortest burn time I experienced was about 8 hours when the outside temperature was hovering around -20 degrees. The coldest temperature I recorded outdoors was -28 degrees. My average wood usage was about half a face cord per week. (There are 3 face chords 16" in length contained in a full chord of firewood which measures 4 feet high, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long when stacked.)
Gene Knight
EKO Line
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