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The EKO Coal boiler is built to efficiently burn coal, although not a true "gasifyer" it still provides an excellect combustion performance. The quality of the products the EKO Coal boiler is manufactured from make it very resistant to corrosive agents. The combustion chamber is designed to provide space for a maximum fuel load.

There are four size options when choosing an EKO Coal boiler; the power output varies from 72K to 120K BTUs.

A very useful feature of the EKO Coal Boiler is that it can be run in a gravity based system; they can be used in applications where there is no electricity available.

EKO Coal Boiler
Three burning stages:
The combustion by-products are carried by a special passage obtained in the rear element. In the same area, very hot secondary air is inserted which favours complete oxidation of the gases.

Gases from the rear element are sent to a wide-finned, self-cleaning zone, in the same time they make a favour entry into the third section.

The third section directs the smoke towards the
flue with adjustment shutter and door for cleaning.

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Eko Coal 137,000 BTU
EKO Line
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Cast Iron FD 42
EKO Coal
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