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Attack DP 35, 45 & 75
The ATTACK DP Profi wood gasifying boiler is designed for the economical and ecological heating of family houses, bungalows, small plants, workshops and similar premises. The specified fuel for the ATTACK DP 45 boiler is dry wood. When the feeding chamber is full, an approx. continuous combustion of 8 to 12 hours is possible.

The "ATTACK DP Profi" wood gasifying boiler is controlled by an electronic regulator which is specifically designed for the temperature control of wood combustion boilers. The regulator keeps a constant check on the water temperature in the boiler and the value is shown on the display. At the same time, it controls the waste gas ventilator and central heating pump.
Modern design

Burns soft and hard wood in its large combustion chamber. Fuel mixtures such as coal/wood, briquets, corn cobs and wood/saw dust mixture acceptable.

High combustion efficiency low fuel consumption

Minimum waste

Simple use and cleaning

Automatic boiler switch-off when fuel runs out

Flue ventilator ensures uniform and effective combustion

Possibility of loading large pieces of wood

Equipped with a cooling circuit against the water in the boiler overheating
Models DP 35, 45, and 75 Profi offer
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 Attack DP 35
 Attack DP 45
EKO Line
Attack DP
Biomass Combo
Cast Iron FD 42
Futura Econo
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Economically Sensible, Environmentally Friendly, Ecologically Responsible

Leading the way to responsible renewable and efficient heating comfort
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Simplistic NC Designs
Boiler Dimensions
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