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Futura MultiBio Boiler
Futura MultiBio is the perfect universal boiler for those who want to save money by burning cheap but eco friendly fuels and get the same heating comfort that high price gas and oil fueled boilers offer!

Varieties of fuel choice give you complete independence in deciding what fuel is best, convenient and available for you.

Uses fuel such as: sawdust, briquettes, wood chips, corn, pellets and small fraction of all kinds of coal as well as cord wood in emergency
Futura MultiBio has an automatic fuel feeder with big capacity hopper. The combustion process is being conducted in a special burner unlike in other traditional boilers. This allows the boiler to reach high efficiency that exceeds 80%.

Large loading doors and big loading chamber helps make loading easier.

Automatic ignition is possible with special polymer heaters (optional).

Innovative solutions applied in the boiler lets you maintain and take care of the boiler less frequently.

One full load of the hopper, depending on its capacity and on the fuel used is enough for burning for more than 5 days.

Thanks to the advanced structure and modern controller, it is possible regulate the burning process precisely.


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EKO Line
Attack DP
Biomass Combo
Cast Iron FD 42
EKO Coal
Futura Econo
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Energy Incentives for Individuals
Boiler Efficiency Certificate
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Futura Multibio
Economically Sensible, Environmentally Friendly, Ecologically Responsible

Leading the way to responsible renewable and efficient heating comfort
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